Broomball & Private Rentals

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Private rentals and Broomball costs are as follows:

Broomball is a game similar to hockey played on the ice with tennis shoes.


The Basic Rules of Broomball:
  1. Equipment needed is: broomball, "brooms", and 2 hockey nets. These are provided by the Skatium.

  2. It is recommended to wear rubber-soled shoes. No spiked shoes are allowed.

  3. Do not hit the ice with the broom.

  4. The game begins with a face-off at center ice. Likewise, a center ice face-off is done after each goal scored.

  5. Goals:
    1. A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line into the net.
    2. A goal will not count if the ball is kicked or hit with the player's hand or foot into the goal.
    3. If the ball is deflected off a player or equipment into the goal, the goal counts.

  6. A goalie may use his or her hands or broom to clear the ball.

  7. No pushing, shoving, tripping, or hitting other players.

  8. Do not bring the broom above the waist at any time.

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