Figure Skating

A Russian split jump looks like this:


A flying camel looks like this:

Flying Split

A layback looks like this:


The approach for the triple salchow is on a left back inside edge after a 3-turn or Mohawk. The right leg swings to the front with a scooping motion just prior to takeoff, although it does not touch the ice. The skater rotates 3 times in the air and lands on the right skate. It looks like this:

Triple Salchow

A triple axel is the only common jump with a forward takeoff. From a left front outside edge, the skater kicks the right leg through into the jump and completes three and a half revolutions in the air. The skater lands backwards on the right outer backward edge of the skate. It looks like this:

Triple Axel

In a triple lutz, the skater glides backwards on the left blade, slowly moving the right foot from in front of the body to behind. The skater then toes in with the right toe pick to jump and rotate 3 full turns in midair before landing on the back outer edge of the right skate. This is a counter-rotation jump, meaning that the approach curve has the opposite direction than the landing curve. It looks like this:

Triple Lutz

Moving backwards, the approach for a triple toe loop is on the right skate's back outside edge. The skater reaches back with the left foot and jabs the toe pick into the ice for takeoff, makes 3 revolutions in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the right skate. It looks like this:

Triple Toe Loop

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