Daycares, Schools, and other Groups


Here's how you can raise money for your cause in 2 hours
have the most fun doing it!!!

We have the perfect solution for your fundraising needs. Let us help you with what will be your easiest and most enjoyable event of the year....
A Private Roller Skating Fundraiser!!!

Available times vary. Please call for availability. The admission is $5.00 per person and includes regular skate rental at no additional charge. We split the admission 50/50 after a $100 administrative fee. There is a 100 person minimum. If your group does not bring in more than 60 participants, we do not split the revenue.

Skaters are welcome to bring their own roller skates or inline skates. Our concession stand will be open for your convenience. No food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the building. Teachers may skate for free; all parents and chaperones will be charged whether they skate or not.

In order for you to receive any money, there must be at least 100 admissions. There are no exceptions to this policy. Therefore, you will want to do everything you can to promote, entice, and encourage everyone to attend. Here are some suggestions to ensure success:

  1. Have internal contests among classes.
  2. Have a friendly contest among neighboring schools.
  3. Reward the entire school if they have a certain percentage attending.
  4. Allow students to invite siblings or friends to boost your attendance.
  5. Use your imagination. You know what works for your school.

Decide on a date, call the Arkansas Skatium at 501-227-4333 and ask for Tamara Peterson. Be sure to choose a few alternate dates because the school year fills up quickly. We book on a first come, first serve basis so please call early and be flexible! We also ask that you book no more than two skating parties per school year. This assures that the novelty will not wear off and will allow more schools and groups the opportunity to participate.

You can design a theme and decorate if you would like. We will even provide door prizes during the party! We will provide the facility, the music, the fun, and the money for you to take back. Your responsibility consists of hyping up the student body and getting them here!!!

We promise that you will not find an easier way to make money. You will be greeted and served by a friendly staff and we will do everything we can to make this event as simple and fun as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!!