Fun Page

Word Searches:

Here are three word search puzzles that you can print and find the words. The object is to find each word and circle it in the puzzle. (Note: if one word is part of another word, those words are found separately in the puzzle. For example, GOAL is not found as part of GOALTENDER, but is found separately in another part of the puzzle.)
Skatium Word Search
Hockey Word Search
Figure Skating Word Search

Crossword Puzzles:

These are crossword puzzles to solve. Figure out what the clue means and fill it in on the puzzle. You can do them online or print them out. (Hint: most of the words are also the ones used in the word search.)

Pictures to Color:

Click on any of these pictures to print the picture out so you can color it:

Answers to Puzzles:

Skatium Word Search ANSWERS
Hockey Word Search ANSWERS
Figure Skating Word Search ANSWERS
Skatium Crossword ANSWERS
Hockey Crossword ANSWERS