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KIDS!!! We are all about you!! Here are just a few of the fun things for you to do at the Skatium...

Puzzles, Games, and Fun

Click here to go to our Fun Page, which has word searches, crossword puzzles and pictures to color, all relating to the Skatium, hockey, and figure skating!

Learn to Skate

A Teddy Bear Ice Skating These classes teach you the basics of skating, even if you are just starting out. Our coaches have worked with lots of kids, and know just how to help you! You can learn how to skate for fun, or how those figure skaters do all those cool tricks! You can even learn a little about hockey. The better you get, the higher you can go in the classes.

For more information, visit our Learn to Ice Skate Page.

Learn to Play Hockey

Hockey is a fast, fun game. This class teaches you everything you need to know to get started playing hockey...even if you've never skated before! Because skating is the most important thing in hockey, that's what we focus on. We have a lot of fun. You can come as often as you like. Every class is a little different, depending on the skaters that are there. A Hockey Player Scoring a Goal We have a limited amount of hockey equipment for you to wear at first. We'll even let you try your first drop-in class for FREE!! Need more details? Visit our Learn to Play Hockey Page.

Look in on our Learn to Play Hockey Class Pictures


Happy Face Balloons Have your birthday party (or any party!) here at the Skatium. We have a lot of different options to give you just what you want! You and your friends will get to use a table for an hour to eat your cake or snacks, and you get balloons. Plus you get to ice or roller skate!
What could be more fun? Have your parents look at our Party page.


Ice Skating
Roller Skating
Figure Skating
Snow FallingSnow FallingSnow Falling

Play Hockey!

Kids ages 3 and up can play hockey in our house league. Kids play with other kids in their own age group. You should at least know how to skate and be able to balance and be able to listen to your coach and follow directions. Everybody gets a chance to play in one sits on the bench the whole time. You learn to work with other people to get to the same goal. And it's fun! To find out more, go to our Hockey page.

A Hockey Player Skating Back and Forth

See our Hockey pictures.

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